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1) Pick 10 of your original OCs (if you don't have enough you could always use characters from a TV show/book or even make one up on the spot)
2) For each round, a character will be asked either truth or dare. They can pick which and only need to do ONE.
3) Have fun and be creative! Also credit me and send me a link to your finished meme in a comment. I'll love to read it! :3

Jes: Hiya everyone~!! Before we get down and dirty with the actual game, I need you all to number yourselves 1 to 10. If there are not enough of you I'm sure you can just grab some random people off the streets (or get your creator to knock up a quick addition). Ready? Awesome. Tell me your names and a little about yourselves if you please~

1. Paintbrush:  Hey!
2. Forky: Hi! Forky’s here! May the game begin! Right? Right? RIGHT????
3. Cheesy: Hey! What’s up?
4. Knife: Yeah! Let’s do this thing!!!
5. Baseball: Wow Forky, calm down! Anyway,hi!
6. Suitcase: Hello everyone!!
7. Nickel: What am I doing here?
8. Lightbulb: Yay! Lets have some fun!!!
9. Spoony: Lightbulb! SHUT UP!!!
Forky: Well shut up you, “Spóonei!”
Spoony: It’s Spoony not “Spóonei”
10. Trophy: …      Breaking Bad! Anyway, I’m gonna win the challenge!!!

Jes: Wonderful! You're all in a room. What this room looks like exactly is completely irrelevant so use your imagination. The important thing is you're all seated in the centre in a large circle. Before we start, how are you all feeling at the moment? Are any of you hoping to get anything out of this experience? Is anyone feeling completely cheated for being forced to play?

Trophy: Is anyone can win in this game??
Baseball: There is no winner!
Trophy: Damn it! And shut up, nerd!!

*Forky and Spoony are fighting and Knife is trying to stop them*
Knife: Please,STOP FIGHTING! We’re in public,ok!!
Forky: Don’t blame me!! Spoony did it first!!!
Spoony: No, you did it!
PB: Just calm down and lets begin the game,ok?

Jes: Whether you enjoy being here or not doesn't matter 'cause you're staying anyway. Let's make a start then! [Character 1], naturally you're up first. Truth or dare?
PB: The Truth
ROUND 1: [Character 1]

If they picked truth: If you had to date anyone in the room, who would you pick and why?
If they picked dare: Remove an item of clothing and keep it off for the rest of the game. [Character 4] gets to pick what it is.

* * *
PB: Well… If I was a boy, I’ll date Forky
Forky: What the fray???? HELL NO,PB!!!!!!!!!!!
PB: And If I was a girl, I’ll date Nickel.
Nickel: You gotta be kidding me!!!!

Jes: Hurrrr that was a steamy way to kick off a game! Now on to [Character 2]! Truth or dare?
Forky: The dare! ALWAYS THE DARE!!! I hope that I get dared to eat a big sandwich!!!
Spoony: You and the sandwich!!

ROUND 2: [Character 2]

If they picked truth: If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
If they picked dare: No ifs or buts- you must kiss [character 9] on the lips!

* * *
Forky: WTF!!!!! OH CRAP!!!!! WHY HIM?
Spoony: It was supposted to choose truth, young lady!!!
Spoony*Kiss Forky* *tap his mouth* Geez!!!
Forky: *covers her face while blushing* Oh god no!!!
Trophy: *laugh like a maniac* HA HA HA *snort* HÔ HÔ!

Jes: Well, hopefully you're all getting the hang on this now! [Character 3], you're up next! Truth or dare?
Cheesy: The dare, of course!!!

ROUND 3: [Character 3]

If they picked truth: Do you have any guilty pleasures other don't know about?
If they picked dare: [Character 6] looks like they're in need of some lovin'! Give them a nice big bear hug!!

* * *
Cheesy:  Well I think that Suitcase don’t want to be hugged by me.

Suitcase: *cheer up* Aww. Of course I do!!

Cheesy: Really! Thanks! *Hugs suitcase*

PB, Lightbulb and Forky: Awwwww

Spoony: *facepalm*

Jes: What's the matter [Character 4]? You look afraid. Haha~ Truth or dare?
Knife: I’m not afraid and I’ll never be! DARE

ROUND 4: [Character 4]

If they picked truth: Who was your first crush?
If they picked dare: Here I have five cans of an alcohol of your choice. You must down them all as quickly as possible. (I won't be held responsible for any drunken randomness that occurs about after the completion of this dare.)

* * *
Knife: Lets do this!!*drinks tills he’s drunk*
Cheesy: I’ll drink with you *drinks with Knife*
Lightbulb: Uh oh!!!
Baseball and Nickel: Here we go again!
Jes: We're half way through now. I can't actually tell whether that's a good thing or not... Ehh, no matter! [Character 5]! Truth or dare?
Baseball: The truth, I can have bad luck if I choose dare!!!
Nickel: But not always!!!
ROUND 5: [Character 5]

If they picked truth: Let's pretend you and [Character 1] are going to have a baby! What would you call him/her?
If they picked dare: You must let [Character 2] style your hair in anyway they wish. You must also keep this style for the rest of the game.

* * *
Baseball: W-w-what???
PB: M-me and … Baseball?
Baseball: If PB is a girl…
I don’t know, hum…
PB: “Delfin”(French) to a boy and Antoniette (French) to a girl
Suitcase: Looks like you love french names.
PB: I always love French names.
Forky: I got one: Fleur de lis! It’s a good name isn’t it?
PB: Of course it’s a good name!!!

Jes:  HAIRY POTATOES!!! Ahem! [Character 6]! Truth or dare?
Suitcase: Truth,please

ROUND 6: [Character 6]

If they picked truth: What one physical feature do you look for most when considering a potential partner?
If they picked dare: You must sit on [Character 8]'s lap for the rest of the game.

* * *
Suitcase: If I was single, i need someone strong, helpful, confident, intelligent and kind.
Nickel: Wait a second, you love Baseball, don’t you??
Suitcase: Nope! I love more Ballon
Baseball: And I love book from BFDI!!
Knife and Forky: *singing* Book and Baseball sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!
Baseball: What’s the matter? I can’t love someone?

Jes: As I'm sure you could tell from the little vegetable with facial hair incident, I'm running out of interesting things to say between rounds. So let's just move on. [Character 7]! Truth or dare?
Nickel: Dare, many ways to do it!
It’s supposted to use the sarcasm against someone,isn’t it?

ROUND 7: [Character 7]

If they picked truth: What is your biggest fear?
If they picked dare: Think of an animal! You must now do the best impression you can of it.

* * *
Nickel: *sigh* Fine!! Let’s me see… Oh Yeah, a Wolf
*act like a wolf*
Forky: Yeah! Now that looks like a wolf!
Nickel: Thanks!!!
Spoony: *singing* Nickel and Forky…
*punch Spoony*
Forky: Shut up, Spoony!!!

Jes: I really feel as if I'm getting to know you guys. [Character 8]! Truth or dare?
Lightbulb: DARE! It’s to eat cookies or not?

ROUND 8: [Character 8]

If they picked truth: Are you a virgin?
If they picked dare: I have here a jar of six year old marmite which was way out of date any way when I bought it. Here is a spoon. Eat some and try not to puke all over my nice new carpet.

* * *
Lightbulb: Bad that is not cookies, but…
Oh well...
*eat marmite*
PB: Oh crap!!!

Jes: Round 9 already! Man this game is going so fast (for me anyway). [Character 9]! Truth or dare?
Spoony: Truth, a simple truth!

ROUND 9: [Character 9]

If they picked truth: What is the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?
If they picked dare: Jump on [Character 7]'s back and have them give you a piggyback around the room.

* * *
Spoony: The thing that I’ve done with Forky right now!!
Forky: I agree! It’s so embarrassing for the bullshit!!!
Jes: THE FINAL ROUND!!! [Character 10], are you ready to finish this game hopefully on a high? Are you ready to take it upon yourself to answer the final truth or complete the final dare? I wish you luck… Truth or dare?

Trophy: The dare! Of course!

ROUND 10: [Character 10]
If they picked truth: I have the awesomeness to give you one super power of your choice!! What do you pick and why? (Please don't hurt me when you realise I can't really grant you with anything…)
If they picked dare: Your friends must be awfully tense after this game. I'll be nice for once and let you pick one to give a quick back rub to.

* * *
Trophy: Hugs. Ok then. Why not you, Lightbulb?
Lightbulb: Me? Of course!
Trophy: *rub Lightbulb on the face*
Spoony: … Meh!


Jes: Awhh!! Is it over already? Does anyone have any last words before we all go out separate ways? Also please remind your creator to credit me when they post this completed meme and send me a link to it in a comment! Bye bye for now!!
Spoony: Finally!!!
Forky: Hey that was fun!
Trophy: Hey! You know what, Lightbulb? I think you’re cute enough!
Lightbulb: Thanks *blushing sweet*
PB: Looks likes someone is in love!!
Forky: That’s right, Paintbrush!!

Nickel: *sarcastic* What a great game!
Baseball: Nickel,please.
Knife and Cheesy: *walking drunk while singing “Don’t stop me now” from Queen*
PB: Hey! That’s one of my favourite songs!!
The original meme is created by :iconstrawberry-gum-ball:

Inanimate Insanity belongs to Adam Katz

Forky and Spoony belong to me!!

And of course, the characters are in objects and not humanized!!
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corneriathelombax Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2015  Student Digital Artist
i wish yin yang would play
AF20cartoons Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2015
Do not worry!!

i'll do a part two!!
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gogeta17 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
i was expecting spoony to turn into a mad scientist obsessed with SCIENCE at every moment (channel awesome reference)
AF20cartoons Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014
Well there's now a object who is obsessed with Science.

That object is Test Tube
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Aww, the ending is so great, when Lightbulb and Trophy are in love with each other! :love: I ship this!!
AF20cartoons Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014
I'm glad that you like it!!

Anyway, why you don't draw that shipping?
xX-SugarTheCube-Xx Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I'll try...
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Ok then!
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